Ashley’s Hiking Destinations

Quite a few of Markie’s friends complain about being stations at Cherry Point USMC Base – How there is no city nearby, how there aren’t enough things to do… Ashley begs to differ. The Croatan Forest has so much to offer. Today I’ll show you a list of hiking trials within 1 hr drive of New Bern / Havelock area!

Ceder Point Tideland Trail

🎚️ Difficulty: Easy
⏲️ Recommended Time: 2 hr
⭐ Highlights: Extended Wooden Boardwalk, Salt Marsh, Tiny Crabs, Well-Maintained

Located in Swansboro near the Southwest end of the forest, the Ceder Point Tideland Trail is a well maintained national recreation trail. It meanders through the salt marsh and the adjoining forest, and forms a ~2 mile loop. Featured by plentiful elevated boardwalks, the trail is great for running and walking with dogs. If you ever visit the trail, be sure to check out the few towns nearby, including Cedar Point, Swansboro, Emerald Isle, and Cape Carteret.

Neusiok Trail

🎚️ Difficulty: Hard
⏲️ Recommended Time: 2 hr – Whole Day
⭐ Highlights: Wild, Narrow Trail

This is one of the wildest trails I have seen in the area. The whole trail is 22.6 miles long and extends from a sandy beach on the Neuse River to a salt marsh on the Newport River – Well, I have only completed ~7 miles of it and have unfortunately not seen neither the beach nor the salt marsh.

Still, this trail is worth checking out. Especially if you are looking for a wild adventure.

You will almost surely encounter bushes, streams, or fallen trees blocking your way, and you have to figure out how to pass through the impassible and keep on going.

Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park

🎚️ Difficulty: Easy
⏲️ Recommended Time: 1 hr
⭐ Highlights: Boardwalk, Also Place for Kayak

Located in the East part of New Bern, the Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park offers a 1.5 mile loop trail as well as various short trails within. It starts in the woods and extends to a nice and short boardwalk overlooking the Board Creek. It is also a good designation for kayaking and has a boat slip.

My favorite part of the trial the boardwalk at the end of the trail (half of the loop). It goes above the creek and deep into water. There are explanation cards and seats for people to sit on, especially for those of you who are interested in bird watching.

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