Ashley’s Favorite Kayaking Routes around New Bern and Havelock


Slocum Creek

Slocum Creek is narrow creek cutting through thick woods and bushes of the Croatan National Forest. When we paddled along the creek, it almost felt like we were explore a jungle.


Union Point & Around

This is an awesome route if you are in downtown New Bern. Putting your kayak in at Union Point ramp, you are at the intersection where Trent River meets Neuse River. You can choose to paddle on the wide and open water, or along the shore to see more of New Bern, or explore the bridge.


Alligator Gut and Cherry Point

This trail puts you in a variety of landscape. You will start in the Slocum Creek, then paddle past Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, stop at a beach area, and finally enter the Neuse River.

Slocum Creek

To Get there – Get off Highway 70 and turn next to the entrance of Holiday Inn, you will see a parking lot, a wooden deck, and a small boat ramp. Here you are at, Slocum Creek.

Facing the water and turn to your right. The creek can be as narrow as the length of a kayak, with trees and bushes covering the bank.

The marked route is a 3-mile one-way (6-mile round trip) paddling trail. You will really feel like you are in the jungle. Through the trail, you will encounter a small lake, a high railroad bridge, and a low bridge – super fun to paddle under.

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